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Coastal offers comprehensive services on various series aircraft including major inspections, unscheduled maintenance, WiFi installation, interior refurbishment and custom modifications.

Engines / Auxiliary Power Units

With the latest maintenance-tracking software and extensive turbine engine experience, Coastal is prepared to keep your engines and APU in excellent condition.

  • Engine & APU Line Maintenance
  • Major Engine Events & APU Overhauls


A maintenance and avionics repair station, we provide avionics installations for corporate, air transport, and government aircraft. Experience working with a broad range of aviation electronics.

  • VHF Comm
  • HF Comm
  • PA Amps
  • Hand Misc, Handsets and Headsets
  • Transponder
  • DME
  • ADF
  • VOR
  • ILS
  • Radio Altimeter

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