Mobile Service Units

AOG Maintenance & Troubleshooting

Inspections (Phase/ MSG 3)

Unscheduled Inspections

Tire Changes

Minimum Equip

Conquest / Available to Pick-up any parts needed for Maintenance Events

Ability to fly mechanics to you

Ferry Permit Inspections

All Services Available at the Santa Barbara Airport facility and all mobile-accessible facilities in Southern California .


Traceable Parts, Consumables, Shipping and Receiving Management, Relationships and Experience in finding the parts you need.

Access to What You Need


Cleaning and conditioning leather seating and other materials, carpet cleaning and treatment, cabin and baggage compartment detailing.

Interior Detailing


Exterior Wet and Dry Wash, Bright Work, Metal Polishing, De-ice Boot Strip and Reseal, Paint Protection Sealant and Wax.

Exterior Detailing

AOG Maintenance

When and Where? We Will be There! 24 Hours/Day and 7 Days/Week

Mobile Services

Why Choose Coastal?

Yes, We Can Do It

  • Our team of skilled professional technicians work together to find creative solutions to any problems.
  • We aren’t afraid to think outside the box, and if the first solution doesn’t’ work we come together to find another solution quickly and efficiently.
  • We rely on exceptional vendors that say “yes” with us so that we can make things happen and deliver the highest quality of service to our customers.

Time is Essential

  • We realize that in aviation “time is money” so we dedicate ourselves to making sure deadlines & flights are met and downtime is minimal.
  • We do everything in our power to meet your scheduling demands.
  • We stock a variety of o-rings, seals, gaskets and other parts that minimize downtime and avoid wait time for parts or shipping.

We Minimize Downtime

  • We use the latest maintenance tracking software: CAMP, CMP, Cescom, Avtrak, FlightDocs, to keep meticulous records management and make sure your downtime in as minimal as possible.
  • We provide Fedex and UPS Shipping. First Overnight, Priority Overnight, Standard Overnight, Ground and Freight Shipping Internationally and within the United States.

We Know How

  • Coastal not only prides ourselves in building a team on highly skilled mechanics that provide world-class service to each customer and aircraft.
  • Coastal Mechanics have all of the training and maintenance manuals to back us up.
  • We use the latest maintenance tracking software to keep meticulous records.